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About me : That is a very general question , but you still could find some of the answer yourself
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I am here to feel accepted the way i am, to gain support and support others, to share ideas and thoughts , to meet new friend and to have fun
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I proved at least to myself that god could not be perfect in anyway and an imperfect god would not be god any more it would be just another organism
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on some atheism websites

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  • Sammy Ahmed

    Hey there and welcome to TA!
    I've read your post on "Egyptian Atheists", yea it can feel lonely being an atheist anywhere in Egypt. Unfortunately I don't know of any atheist community in lower Egypt (or even in my own city :D).
    About telling one's family, I don't think a lot of Egyptian families right now are ready at all to accept the fact that a family member is an atheist..so I wouldn't blame them, society has sculpted their brains to believe that religion is the only way to go, and coming out to them suddenly can do more harm than good. I haven't told my family either, and doubt that I would any time soon.
    And it goes without saying that you should always be careful whom you trust :)