Tyler L Orr


Cleveland, TN

United States

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I’m foremost a husband and father. Professionally, I’ve worked as a music producer and recording engineer for the past eight years.
I’m not a leading expert in my field. I’m just a guy who spent some time trying to find peace and thought I’d share it with others.
I’m a bit of an oddball in my small, Bible-belt town—Cleveland, Tennessee.
(1) I’m an atheist. (2) I’m an atheist with a degree in Bible and Theology. (3) I’m an atheist who advo­cates meditation, present moment awareness, and most things that encourage personal transforma­tion and positive thinking.

Visit my website, www.tylerlorr.com
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I want to meet like-minded people.
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Religion was a major source of fearful thinking. Once I realized this, I rejected it. Life has been better than ever.
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