Charles Corey Stewart


Scotts Hill, TN

United States

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"I'm A Grungy, Geeky, Jocky, Music Loving, Baseball Enthusiastic, Opinionated, Atheist... You Cool With That?"

I like to view myself as intelligent, with a keen sense of my own moral standards and ethical codes. I don't like government, religion, and many things along that route.

I Love video games, have since I was 5 when I played Super Mario Brothers. Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game. The Legend of Zelda is a huge deal to me as well.
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To connect and discuss themes with like minded people and make friends.
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When I was younger, Noah's Ark never quite made sense but when I asked questions I was told that was blasphemy and a straight shot to eternal damnation. I was very young. Never felt comfortable but believed out of fear and being raised in it like anyone. When I got to be a teenager, evolution and science started giving me proof and answers. Finally after a whole year of researching on my own, the whole religious agenda was severed. I never looked but and I've been an outspoken Atheist ever since. I only feel shameful that I ever believed any of it. One huge astrological allegory.
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