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Orlando, FL

United States

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I recently retired after 10-1/2 years in the U.S. Air Force and 31 years with Lockheed Martin. I was raised in a "fire and brimstone" environment. My relatives have been (and some still are) religious leaders in their communities. HOWEVER, what the public saw was very different from what was going on behind closed doors. But hey, I do believe in the creation story. I'm certain that man created God.
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I "Stumbled" on this site and like what I see. It's great to associate with people who don't think they have to feel "sorry for me" just because I'm not a Christian.
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Tired of having it rammed up my nose every day; also, no one can prove the existence of God, while I CAN prove that there is no such thing. I do believe in creationism though. I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT MAN CREATED GOD.
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