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Chartered accountant, ex-Catholic (very devout); very happily married with 2 kids; live on a beach in Jersey; Life is very good.
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Link through the Friendly Atheist...always good to be in a thinking, rational community, even if online.
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Massive cognitive dissonance while praying for my sick child not to die
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  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    I love everybody's comments - so smart, and it was fun, but I am over this particular bloke - I think he was being a tad civilized, compared to some of them - but basically thick - and you cant say that online. They just want to believe, no matter what. This site has fabulous community spirit, it is very re assuring that there are actually clever, highly civilized people out there.


    Thanks for all your comments.

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    G'day, Have to say that being Australian - Really good to hear from you, and holy hell, that's what knocked me out, people from all over the world - it really is comforting. That's the thing, in Australia, I wasn't indoctrinated, went through all the usual stuff, first communion, confirmation, but I really didn't know what it all meant. My family wasn't pushy, it was just traditional, if you were 'catholic' to go through the process. The Pope came to Australia for 'World Youth Day', with thousands of young-uns from all over the world coming to Sydney. There were posters 'Vatican - Pedphile Heaven - with Australian young-uns handing out condoms. It was a scream. I tell people I am an Atheist, if they say 'God Bless You', or some such thing. No big deal. But I am noticing that xians are becoming more vehement because of the rise of Atheism. We have a female Atheist Prime Minister, unmarried and living with her boyfriend. How do you think that would go in America. Islam is on the rise - now, they are the ones I am really scared of. In Australia its pretty cool - but the rate of pedophilia is absolutely shocking, More victims are coming forward every day.

    The stories of people like Skycomet, I just can't imagine. The absolute shit she and people like her, coming out of an evangelical family, unbelievable. That does happen with religions like Exclusive Brethren and Jehovas Witness, but it is generally rare. So keep up the good work - really enjoy your posts.

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    By the by James - there are about eighteen Aussies on this site.