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Born Christian Scientist, dropped that many years ago, did some searching and never found anything that didn't seem like gobbledy gook.
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Lurked for a while online via my phone. Monitored some great conversations and thought I'd try to participate more.
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Xian Scientists supposedly do not use doctors (and occasionally run into difficulty due to that) however, as a teen found out that all of my church leaders used doctors almost regularly. So in the end I feel that Xian Science is a type of reverse hypochondria. Not necessarily a bad thing--controlling your thoughts in a way that makes you well--but not to be ascribed to any outside factors. I did some searching into others, but most of them turned me off. Unitarian Universalism worked for a little while, they are generally more open, but they also seem to be reaching for something unspecified. So here I am. Cheers.
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gReader feed from my Android phone.

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  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    Thanks you for your kind words. I am all about reason and logic but mainly about helping people to see the beauty of the world with the fog of religion clouding their views or letting them be secure in their fear of holding on to it.

    It is almost a full time

  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    BTW my neighbor here in Dublin Ireland is from just outside Cleveland. A mighty fine woman she is too.

  • archaeopteryx

    I need to start a new one, long story.

    I finally talked my daughter (after a year of trying) to let me enroll my grandson in CAP, then he came home with an overall grade average of 29! Still holding out hope he can bring it up before he's 18. He's a bright kid, but with ADHD, he lacks focus.

    BTW, I can receive PM's, but can't send them - it's a glitch that's happened since my entire account was deleted over New Year's.