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Hello. I am a pre-med student. I am very much a logical and rational thinker and have always believed and followed the sciences. I am an Atheist. I believe in no supernatural forces,and have always been a skeptic. James Randi is a huge hero to me. I am a extremely Liberal person. I am leaving much out, if you would like to know, please ask.
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I felt like joining a group of like minded individuals.
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I never really left a religion. I remember attending some form of Sunday school but never really understanding *why* I was there. I never really believed in a God, nor did I ever pray to one. Sure I had my prayers before dinner and bedtime but I never thought of them as being *to* someone or something, but more of just following some ritual I was taught and repeated out of habit. Later I would see the church for what it was. A multi-faced entity that is a corruption of what I believe religion to once have been; an explanation for the natural world that was frightening and mysterious to our ancestors. Later I would declare myself. I found myself an outsider, an abstract, from what would be considered normal.

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  • Aric

    Hey Zack, welcome to Think Atheist. I just thought I should tell you that you have the coolest picture ever.