Hathal Alqassab

United Kingdom

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Arab atheist. Keen on statistics, science and free (libre) software. Museums are like my second home :-) Very strongly anti-war and believe in universal human rights (civil/political liberties as well as social/economic rights).

Opposition to war is very important to me. This is the only life we have evidence for its existence and we simply have to respect the value of human life.

One of my interests in statistics stems from its ability to disprove many myths that numerous people would otherwise easily believe in (although they sometimes still believe anyway!) Statisticians are the keepers of the scientific method.

The only fundie part of me may relate to my love of functional programming, and just like with my atheism, I often wonder why coders resort to inferior technologies :-) I can safely predict that Haskell will achieve world domination sometime this millennium.
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Needs many pages to answer! But here are keywords that shape my beliefs (or lack thereof!): empiricism, scientific method, falsification, justice, ...
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