Maria Anna Rivers


Fort Riley, KS

United States

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Born and raised in Bamberg, Germany. Get homesick on a regular basis, but what can you do. Stuck in Kansas for now. Graduated college in Germany and am a translator/interpreter/foreign language correspondent. Used to play Volleyball, but around here there are no leagues for normal people, the only teams are in college. What's up with that??? Also enjoy singing and used to be in choirs back home. Can't find any here either... surprise haha. So I need sites like this to keep me entertained.
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I find religion and its hold on humanity fascinating and I enjoy following debates on this subject
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I was baptized but my parents were never really religious. They taught me the Lord's Prayer, and as a kid I always thought of it as there being an evil God and a good God constantly fighting in heaven haha :) That's as far as it went. Well, when I got older I just realized all of it was utter rubbish
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found it on google

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  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to the Think Atheist community Maria!