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I am Allegra's raging bile duct.

I'm not sure who I am, or where I'm going. I draw a lot. Write a lot. I love music, and theatre... basically any form of the arts I can get my hands on.

I read greedily and take it all into myself where I then spew it back out in my own form on Microsoft Word. Sometimes it flows easy and well, and the colors of the words flow together. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth, ideas and sentences refusing to leave the refuge of my mind.

Drawing has lately been easy and enjoyable and its been so long since I've felt paint and ink on my fingers. It's beautiful.

Lately, women are more and more enchanting, and I want one more and more, all to myself. All soft curves and warm smiles and long hair. I like men, too, but my men are usually willowy and androgynous at best.

In fact, androgyny is the pinnacle of perfection, stunning in its ambiguity. Ugly in its murky excuse for a definition.

Despite all this, I love science as well. Facts and order and things to rely on. I love medicine, the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Humans are, basically, what I'm all about. From neural synapses to the masterpieces they create, to the wars they plague.

Oh, the ocean? Marine life? I like Cephalopoda. Mozilla is telling me Cephalopoda is not a word. It is.

I'm also a big geek. I'm slowly learning the Japanese language. To me, it is a melodic tongue and I take great joy from just listening to it.

I am a weird combination. I am constantly shifting, changing, molding myself into something new.

Change never stays the same, but it is the only constant.

"Take me how I am, 'cause you know I'll never change.
I was born to stare,
at who stares back at me.
If I make it up, to that big show in the sky,
all I really want,
is my TV and you." - VAST
Why are you here?
To find fellow atheist friends, of course! And possibly a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, or something.
The religion you left
Judaism, Was never a part of one
Why you left your religion.
I was never really raised with religion, so it was never a big part of myself. I still consider myself a Jew, if only culturally.

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  • Sarah

    Hey, how's it going? :)
  • Rod

    Hi Allegra, nice to meet a young up-and-coming intellectual! I was talking with my nephew recently about his experiences at uni, and about the alienation high-functioning people sometimes experience, and he laughed and said "Yeah, but I reckon the highs are higher”. Hope you're finding it the same – cheers!
  • Marcus Persius

    Nice to see a fellow sci-fi fan :)