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Bellevue, ID

United States

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I was raised in a Mormon family. My parents didn't go to church but I was indoctrinated into Mormon faith growing up. I spent two years in the Army (with a year as a combat soldier with 101st Airborne. I returned to my home town and became active in the church but had a religous discontinuity. I left the church and became an ingnorant apathetic agnostic. About twenty years ago I decided I needed to study religion and "God" and try to find the truth for myself after many years of study I came to the conclusion that there can be no personal diety and that any "God" in the human experience is man made.
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To share my thoughts about religious faith and the belief in an anthropomorphic God and a personal savior.
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The whole concept of religion didn't make sense. Reading the Bible was the biggest reason I stopped believing in the Judea/Christian God.
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