Brattleboro, VT

United States

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A Brit living in Vermont with my Vermont-born wife, a dog and a bunch of cats. [Update...thanks to SCOTUS I now have my Green Card!]
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Love the written word, love to debate and love to learn new stuff. Born and bred atheist, so really getting to grips with the concept of de-conversion in the USA for the first time.
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  • Hamada Gadallah Abdelaziz

    i was muslim. just now i have become  a human being.

  • Hamada Gadallah Abdelaziz

     i am Egyptian teacher in cairo. no one knows that i am non religious.i was accused of insulting  quran and Islam  at school  so i was punished severely  by depriving me of teaching and reducing my salary . i have no money to pay for the rent of my flat . so couldany one help me  in the name of humanity? myemailis

    thank you for time and consideration

  • Zombie Athiest

    Why hello there :)

    I find it so fascinating, to meet someone who was raised atheist. I mean like *how does that even happen!!!* I have the same expression when I come across rainbows, chocolate cookies and David Gandy...kinda too good to be true.