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  • Dogly

    Thanks, John.  You are so patient!  Your points are clear and reasonable, but I do not think those with dominionist attitudes are even being honest with themselves.  I am going to try to gather news stories, articles, and letters written by pro-slavery advocates from the early 1800s to the civil war.  I expect to find the same arguments put forward to find slavery moral.  I think they will also say, "As long as the niggers are treated well, there is nothing wrong with slavery.  It is obvious that ignorant negro slaves and not like us humans!"  What is your guess about how similar the arguments of apologists for slavery, are to those apologists for carnism?

  • Ashley Bryant

    Thanks for warm welcome! It's always nice to come across fellow vegans.
  • archaeopteryx

    I thought we'd already done this long ago - what happened?

    Trevor is back and challenging me - I avoided him this morning, as I wasn't quite ready to start my day, but as soon as I choke down this cup of coffee, I guess I'll head in that direction. After all, it is nearly high noon.

    Funny thing is, he ran when you challenged some of his assertions, and never responded - guess he thinks I'll be easier pickings, what with his degree in theology that he makes sure everyone knows he has.

    I've never felt the need to tout my credentials, as I'm the same person, with or without them.


  • archaeopteryx

    I can see that he "friended" you - how did that go? And what happened to your friends list that I used to be on, and why did you change your avatar? Enquiring minds want to know --