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Hello, My name is James and like all of you have freed myself of religion. I have always been a fan of science and history. Throughout my schooling I always sought out science , history and art classes. My constant thirst for knowledge and understanding eventually lead to my Atheism. My road to Atheism was by logic, knowledge and common sense.

I am also a graphic designer by trade. I've always loved art and was lucky enough to make a career out of it. If you are interested, you can see some of my stuff here: http://jfs-design.deviantart.com/

Other than that, I'm a bit of a car nut, like rock music and can be a bit of a nerd as well. lol : ) I also have a great wife who is a Wiccan, but totally respects my beliefs (well, lack thereof). We both agree that it's great that neither of us are Christian.
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I'm here to promote Atheism, meet other Atheists and learn more as well. I like to think that I have a pretty good working knowledge of religions and religious debunking, but I know that there is always more to know.

Also, because I am tired of us being looked down on, and the Christians who think they just know it all. Yet, bring out physical scientific proof, and they still say that 'they know', and that everyone else is wrong. Closed minded bigotry is running rampant in this country and it must be brought to an end. The USA we live in is far from what was framed by the likes of Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Paine, etc.

I'd be happy if more people were just like my parents. Catholics (as I used to be), but grew to accept who I am and what I believe. Not to say they like it, but they deal with it. Not trying to 'save me" (even though those who know religion should know I'm 'un-savable')...
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Scientific and historical proof that contradicts religious claims. Also, proof that much of Christianity is borrowed, astrological or just plain made up.

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  • Johnny

    Thanks James!
  • Gaytor

    Hey James. i was reading your last blog on ID. I recently read The Case for the Creator at the behest of a neighbor of mine that is a pastor. It's interesting that it's old earth oriented which clearly violates the story of Genesis. Additionally it's clearly written as a pastor would cherry picking points like Java Man instead of Lucy and using the Cosmological Constant. It seems that the author doesn't understand that science is ever changing.
    But to the point, I'm gonna write a post tonight that is similar to your idea. I was thinking about the common claim that there is no evidence of speciation and the acceptance of "micro-evolution" and how that relates to the Tower of Babel. It's an extension of some of what you wrote about races. I don't want to it to seem like I'm stealing your idea, Thumper posted a vid earlier that got me thinking about it that I commented on. I'm like minded with you on ID. I honestly think that if ID were valid, it still destroys Genesis due to age.
  • Morgan Matthew

    Hey James what color bracelet would you like? :] Thanks alot!
  • Morgan Matthew

  • Gaytor

    Thanks for the friend request. I can relate to the arguing with the parents. My sister called me a Scientologist because I was arguing in support of Old Earth. What?... then they don't even want to know what a Scientologist is.
    Be happy you can't find many to debate. I bait often, but it does get discouraging to hear Stupid back up Stupid. Chum the waters will political insults of religious choices, you'll find your fun!
  • Steveo

    Thanks for the welcome, good to be around so many like minded people. :)
  • jakob mcdonald

    yeah its nice to see people here that you can relate with
  • Prazzie

    Thank you very much for the welcome!
  • Reggie

    Do you do any freelance work on the graphics design?
  • Reggie

    FYI, you are now a Featured Member of T|A.

    Thanks for all your great contributions and keep it coming!
  • Reggie

    Oh, yeah, the Feature thing. Should have happened months ago, but the red tap held it up. Sorry. Damn bean counters.

    Well. I was wanting to have a cool logo for the Skeptics of Think Atheist. I'd be willing to donate $25 to your favorite charity in your name. Receipts, even. That is my final offer. I await your counter offer. ;-)
  • Reggie

    Nothing in mind, really. Something that says "Skeptics of Think Atheist" or "Skeptics of T|A" would be cool. I can donate to the Billboard fund in your honor.
  • Reggie

    Thanks Jame! Been busy with life, the annoyance that it is. I'll close out voting this week and let you know. Thanks again for the awesome logos!