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I live in the bible belt. We homeschool so, I'm surrounded by conservatives that are super religious.
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I really need some conversation with people who aren't super religious and conservative.
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  • Rev. Tom Hicks, D.D.

    I'm a Reverend for the Universal Life Church with a degree in Divinity so far. I'm workin' on gettin' more. I want to start a "church" for atheist, agnosticism, secular, & humanist in my local area. With the ordainment, I can qualify for tax exemption (when I think I'm ready, not in it for the money). With money saved, I can afford to produce more . All profits there after would go to food drives & clothes for the poor. I really detest money but in order to get this goin', I'll need some extra of it.
  • Johnny

    Noticed your post about HPV vaccine concerns. I've read on it quite-a-bit, and the "issues" are all over-hyped. Obviously not a decision to take lightly; but not really the danger that the media (and chain emails) hyped. This Snopes article probably has the most consolidated review of the actual facts.
  • Atheist Exile

    Hi Bleacheddecay,

    I just noticed your status message, "Wondering why I find some comfort in gospel music after losing a family member when I don't believe? Rote habit?".

    I haven't seen you around the site before AND my father just died 4 days ago, so I thought I'd offer my condolences and reply to your questions.

    Gospel music is born out of long-suffering and hope. It appeals to our deepest, human, consciousness. Even for the most fortunate among us, the human condition is punctuated with loss and grieving; so the emotional appeal of gospel music can be satisfying, even for an atheist.

    On my home page, my music player has a gospel song called, "Are You Ready?". Give it a listen. I think you'll like it.