Scott Howard

58, Male

Kathleen, GA

United States

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Ex-fundamentalist, ex-pentecostal, ex-messianic. Was very apprehensive about my deconversion at first (reaction from family and friends), but as time goes by, I am more and more comfortable in my atheism and am just about to the point where I don't care what anyone else thinks.
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Looking for a place to hang out instead of FB.
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Couldn't reconcile my understanding of how believers are supposed to conduct their lives with how I saw people living.
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  • Sheri Hall

    Hey Scott - thanks for the friend request. If you left your email with me at the end of the survey (if you have done it) then great - I will be in touch. If not, PM me your email address and I'll make sure I add you to my mailing list :)

  • Russell M Boston

    Ok. Keep me informed about events. I have been free of fairytales since the 1960s. So this isn't a recent epiphany for me. I am not suffering with confusion, fear or regrets. It is nice to know there are others possibly of like mind in this southern wasteland of ignorance.
  • Jonathan Krasick

    Perhaps we do. Stay in touch. I would be interested in talking further. Keep thought free and let reason reign! Jonathan