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I AM NonReligious
& I don't care about other believers opinion
Why are you here?
I want to believe that I'm not alone in this world
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
It is full with nosense, blood & other trash
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  • charels martel

    محمد هو جروب الملحدين المصريين مغلق العضوية انا مش عارف انضم ليكوا هو انتم مش عاوزين اعضاء جدد على العموم انا ملحد وعاوز انضم للجروب بتاعكوا قوللى ازاىمن فضلك 

  • charels martel

    انا آسف على الرسالة يا محمدانا بس كنت متحمس جدا و مبسوط و مشوفتش الصفحة كويس بعتذر تانى

  • Asura

    hello everybody, i am new to this group!!  I am happy to see that there is a group like this one and to see that there is still a lot of freethinkers here in Egypt!! I hope to make a lot of friends here because i kinda feel alone being the only irreligious person i know.