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  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    Hi Bob, I get the travel bit...I am about to fly to the US for Thanksgiving. I have a place in Florida and family living in Atlanta so we will meet up on the beach......I can't find the blog I wrote but will search again for it. I know I did not delete it. I have helped many fundamentalists and born again to get back on track (or on track for the first time). I am almost "religious" about it :-)

  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    Hi Bob, I found that post here...

  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    Yes, I am often more annoyed with the anti-science brigade than the religious fundies. I suppose there is a high correlation between them though. I will post this link in my next Sunday school page.

    No bird though, just a good Indian curry!!