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A lifelong Iconoclastic Philosopher, and Born Again-Atheist Blogger.
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I walked away from the moron (sic) church some 40 years ago. However, I didn't request removal of my name / excommunication, until sometime later.

That was precipitated by a climate of political and human rights differences, that peaked with the excommunication of Sonia Johnson by the LDS Church in 1979.

That her outspoken support for the Equal Rights Amendment was in direct opposition to the church's stated position on the issue, it was made abundantly clear that women were expected to remain subordinate to the direction of (their) men, and the church leaders, in all such matters.

So, it was largely a Freedom Of Speech thing with me - though I sugarcoat it.
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  • Strega

    Hi D R Hosie

    If you continue to post the same statement on every different group you can find, your account will be suspended for 48 hours.


  • Strega

    No worries Donnie, you've been a good member for a long time :)

  • T A A

    Hello. Pardon the intrusion, but I have a little quibble :)
    I've liked several of your posts, specially that God of Gaps one, so I was surprised by your HOOAHing about Manning. My respect for Manning has fallen. I do not feel sincerity in the new move, I see it as a attempt at a mental health issue GetOutOfJail card. To return to your GoG article, I bring your attention to an interesting sentence: "Through cultural exposure and clues deduced, it gets assimilated at about the same level as language and gender schema."This author rightly (according to the science of biology) distinguishes between biological sex and the social construct of gender. Gender is a social construct that is learned. If it is not taught (as in my family who failed to teach faith or gender, I am free of both, I never drank either koolaid (though I did for a short time find horoscope reading appealing, but I dropped that quickly). Gender is really therefore just like a religion, it is taught, and when it's taught wrong (by all the incompetent parents/peers/religious people) it causes a mental riff, a cognitive disconnect between the science, and what we feel... just like a scientist who believes in ghosts, there is the reality, and there is the delusion. I now refuse to answer gender questions, because I find the very concept of genderfication insulting. I will however answer sex questions. The intersex crowd are none too happy about how the trans crowd have tried to confound the two conditions and attempt to get the same validation. The genital mutilations performed on intersexed people is horrifying, but if the trans crowd had their way, we'd be mutilating a whole lot more. I realise this is a terribly controversial topic. And trans activists are making political headway much faster than the homo activists ever accomplished, because there's a lot of homophobic and misogynist male power behind the movement. Gender-as-religion is a topic I think atheist groups should address. I don't suppose you agree with anything I'm saying here... but I'm writing you just on the off chance that you'd be willing to have a civilised scientific conversation on the topic. If not, I won't address this with you again. Yours truly,