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Beit Sahour

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

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Leftest who will struggle to free the Land and People of Palestine till the end of my life.

Believe in free will and in democracy (not the one you know), open mind may debate everything, a club chess player
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Really wish to find minds that are similar somehow or thinking degree of same level, open to the max and may accept everything
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Religion is a lie until I get proved wrong
Think Atheist Travel Network Couch Availability - Are you able to host anyone now?

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  • Morgan Matthew

    Hi Fadi, all of those scripts make TA work. It's the main reason why TA is so fast and has 99.9 up time. Me personally I feel the no script add-on can make people a little paranoid. I used to use it just like you, but I just had to give it up for all the annoyances it caused.

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  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Thank you so much Fadi, for the update on the Gaza Shite - I actually don't think many people know the history of Gaza, as in the blog from Gaza -

    Without even a shred of legitimacy, on 2 November 1917, the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, promised the leaders of the Zionist movement they could establish their national homeland in Palestine, violating my people’s right to self-determination.

    There were even right wing Prime Ministers in that time, who did not want Palestine handed over the Zionists. There were even talks of setting up a Zionist state In Australia, which would have been a lot better, but it said it in the frigging bible, about Israel being the homeland, and such crap. This really does my head in. 

    Australians should go back where they came from and give the country back to the Aboriginals, and white Americans should leave and go back where they came from and give the land back to the Native Americans, if we are all to follow the same premise. America pours billions into Israel, while they stop essentials getting in with embargoes, and this is alright with the world????? 

    Why is this happening now? The elections are coming up in January - Netanyahu is putting fear, and wants to make everybody think he is big and strong, and what a big penis he must have to stand up to these terrorists - that is what it is all about, while the Zionists are forever taking over, and building illegal houses, but no matter, it is their right - it says so in the bible.