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I was raised catholic, went to christian youth group (Campus Life) as a teen, and have lived next door and befriended a family of born-again Christians. It all never rang true to me...although I tried to believe just to fit in with what seemed to be the majority. Now I date a very smart man who is an active member on your website and finally I feel free to not believe and be proud to say I don't.
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Curious to see my boyfriend's post...he's a wonderful influence to me, and now that I visited your website, I see to many others as well. Robert Karp makes me very proud. <3
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Nothing about it ever held true to me, in my heart, or in my life.
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Robert Karp

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  • james d

    WELCOME to TA Kim!! it is good to know Robert has someone to share is life with, someone who like him! we love Robert too! he keeps us on our toes! please, join us in chat when you can!

  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to the Think Atheist community you sexy thang!

  • Gabriela Menicucci

    Welcome! Hope you like this site as much as us and Robert do.