Peyton Dracco




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Atheist, Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic
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I'm a confused social scientists, which the fellows at my firm neither embrace nor understand
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Looking to expand my knowledge of the secular community and the resources available to all non-believers.
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Christian, Buddhism
Why you left your religion.
It failed to stand up to critical thinking and my own scrutiny. A vast number of contradictions, many of which directly conflicted with my own moral convictions.
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Search Engine - Google

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  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to the Think Atheist community Peyton!

  • Bo Fowler

    So you've read Scepticism inc then. I know what you mean about Edgar. On that subject I recently set up the world's first On Line Metaphysical Betting Shop at scepticism inc hope it makes you laugh. Stay in touch.