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im GOD, i think so...
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i never whas realy a part of it
i think i always whas a closet atheist.

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  • Shanika

    Thanks for the star :-)
  • Gaytor

    Franco, The link that was on your Don't Click This Link Blog was linked to porn. As a result I have removed it. While we aren't prudes here, there is a standard of discourse that we would expect and that was far below it. Our Guidelines are here and a list of moderators are here. Please feel free to contact us at any time for any questions. If we see spam or straight porn again we will not hesitate to take further action.
  • Gaytor

    Thank you sir. We are happy to have you here.
  • Danair Joa Estrare

    A Yellow Ribbon For the CAT on SPACESUIT!

    hahhahahhahhaha i dont know but somehow i think that CAT is crazy (or it's just me) hehehe FLYING CAT