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I was raised 7th-Day-Adventist early on, Evangelical Christian later on. College, the Military, and real life opened my eyes a lot. Further curiosity, education, reading, and digging led to my deconversion. I work in IT Security, did 6 years in the US Army, and have been happily married for 9 years (and count myself lucky she is like-minded when it comes to religion); and have an 18 month old daughter.
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I Stumbled Upon this site and after lurking for a few weeks and following a few discussions, decided this was a community I wanted to be apart of.
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I'm here because I've found a group of like-minded people. I enjoy posting about and discussing the many topics that revolve through a community like this.
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When I was in 4th grade my father had a falling-out with elders and left the church. The elders pressed my mother to divorce my father because he was a evil influence on her children. That was when I first determined that something about religion was wrong and corrupt.

In 10th grade, after having read the Bible, I started asking my youth pastor questions. This spiraled into more and more disbelief, and some bitterness toward all church in-general.

Some college, a stint in the military, and exposure to the larger world; and I was sure that the church was a control mechanism that was usually corrupt, and that religion was truly the root of all evil in the world.

I read about other religions and read a lot of mythologies. I pretty much decided that if I was going to have to believe in something, I would rather believe in Greek or Norse gods, or more Paganist beliefs of nature and Gia. But I just kept those thoughts to myself.

In 2006 I saw the Zeitgeist movie (the part on religion); and had an eye opener. I started researching and reading trying to check the facts quoted in the movie. Turns out many of the facts don't check out; but my research greatly contributed to my increasing non-belief. This eventually led me to more and more atheist sites, and it suddenly clicked one day, this was what I had been looking for: putting a title to my own belief that I did not believe in God.

Suddenly (or so it seemed) I was free! I honestly think I never realized that not believing in God was an option. The realization that it was an option, and that it was how I felt freed me on so many levels.

If you're interested you can find a more detailed deconversion story here.
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  • George Sterpka

    Johnny, thanks for the quick response and info.
    I added my YT handle to my bio.
    Evid3nc3 is one of my favorite YT channels, along with ProfMTH.
    Both are keeping up the good fight.
  • Noor

    hello\ well
    from a week ago a made a mistake ... and Nelson told me to put my topics in a blog so i did
    they will remove the first ones

  • Hope

    Thanks Johnny for accepting my friendship request.

    I read your comments on the discussion "do you feel safe" on ex-muslims support group.

    and actually my friend Jean-Marie has suggested to me to ask you for an advice about a proxy or something sort of to open the blocked sites.

    because alot of atheist sites are blocked in my country.