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New Zealand

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Religion is rubbish. Why then should I have a religious status.

I am a logical sane person. Believing in gods is not a logical sane position. Gods don't exist so why would I define myself as not believing in them. If I were to define myself as not believing in gods, I would be indulging the concept of gods.

I know that the notion of atheism is useful as a mechanism to identify with like minded people, but it seems to give legitimacy and ammunition to the theist position especially when interacting with theists.

I prefer the "What the... you can't be serious" approach to theists rather than "I'm an athiest" approach.

I believe that the act of brainwashing children into believing illogical views by faith is extremely harmful to the individual, and that it has consequences that are extremely harmful to society. Children should be armed against brainwashing by being taught critical thinking and scientific method as compulsory subjects at school.
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To interact with like minded people.
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Study of Bible history led to the discovery that most of what we have as the word of god it is nothing other than a fraud.
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  • CJ


    Thank you for friending me sorry it took so long to get back to you I did not see that you had made the request.  Look forward to getting to know you.

    Have a great weekend.


  • justin gold

    hi Katerin,I'm not sure but I think your the only member from New Zealand.what a great place to live.I just seen your profile pic on the site and could'nt make out what was behind the "A" so I clicked to enlarge it.thats how I noticed your from N.Z.

  • Pac Hybrid

    Your Welcome Katrin, Proud To Be An Atheist.