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I'm an atheist. That tells you nothing about what I believe. It tells you exactly one thing I do not believe.

I'm a Humanist. If you'd care to know what that means, read the Humanist Manifesto III:
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This describes my atheism: God is unproved, not disproved.

Crackpot: God exists!
Me: Evidence, please.
Crackpot: There is none.
Me: I don't believe you.

That's it. That's all it is. The rest is just the crackpot employing some bit of dishonesty to obfuscate or deny it.

He'll shift the burden of evidence onto me. ("Prove God doesn't exist!").
He'll claim to have evidence when he does not. ("Lookee here! Purely abstract mathematics! That's evidence!").
He'll say he doesn't need evidence. ("God is too big for evidence!")
He'll completely ignore the request for evidence and won't respond at all. (This is very popular.)
He'll restate the request for evidence as an accusation or insult. ("You hate God!" "How dare you question my faith!")
He'll pin God to ignorance. ("You can't explain X so God is the only explanation!")
And on and on and on. Anything but evidence.

There is no case to be made for the existence of God. There is nothing to debate, nothing to consider: no evidence, no data, not a shred of the scientific whatsoever. The rest is just the outraged caterwauling of the crackpot, desperately insisting that any such "debate" over God exists at all.

That is why I am an atheist.
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