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Chicago, IL

United States

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Hello, my name is Ghost and I just recently joined the site. I don't really know what to type here. I Become an atheist only recently and now am trying to better educate myself on evolution, since I know nothing about because I was a creationist my entire life. Im only 17, and in September I will be 18. So I think its good I got out of religion so early. If you wanna know more about me I am on Twitter (
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I just given up my belief in god and want to be a part of a community I finally feel I belong to.
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Honestly, The reason why I became to question my faith was because something Terrible happened in my life. And I realized how messed up my life has been, and began to go through stages before I finally came to a conclusion.
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I type the question "why do religious people think atheist don't have morals" and came across one of the post on this site.

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