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Without the societal values for reason, logic, and rationality based on evidence, the future of mankind seems to be up in the air..
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Not enough people valuing science and reason! Found this website by casually scrolling on google!
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I was always a rationalist as I questioned the existence of god since my pre-teens and even before then, I used to always ask my father questions of "how did" or "what" such as "where did the stars come from" and "how far are they" when I would look up at the night sky - and when I was 15, I was I think 90-95% atheist but I would hold in the back of my mind "the 5-10% that god might exist" - I think the reason for this was due to the fact that I feared death and I did not want to lose my parents and my own life one day as I would be "nothing". But when I was 16 I visited Iran for a significant period of time (I am Iranian) and I stayed there for 1.5-2 months. Being in Iran at that age was unlike anything that I had ever experienced before - I had a chance to taste the true nature of religious rule and religious oppression. Everywhere in the streets would be the images of these fanatical Mullahs and the people did not support it but feared to say a word due to the religious theocracy and fear instilled by the regime in which people were tortured and executed for speaking out. I remember I was at my grandmother's house one night and it was the call to prayer - and you can hear this on the loud speakers glared from the mosque - and I remember vividly looking up lying in the bed while resting and said to myself "this is all bullshit - there is not even the slightest chance of god existing - religion from its very foundation has been to control societies and instill fear upon the masses" and from that moment on (although before then I was pretty much an atheist) I knew that the slightest chance could not exist for a higher power and that it was all bullshit and that it was selfish of me to hold the slightest chance due to my fear of death. That is my short bio on my atheism..
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  • Sharayu

    Oh mannn, this is going to make me sound like such a geek! Actually my username is just my nickname which my friend gave me after the Pokemon Charzard:

    My actually name is Sharayu and my parents are Hindu. But you are absolutely correct about the name Shahrzad being Iranian/Persian, I remember it from the One Thousand and One Nights stories I read a few years ago. 

    What does your name mean Sassan? 

  • Sharayu

    Thanks dude :) I'm not sure that my name has a "meaning" but I do know that it is the name of a holy river in northern India where a mythological God was born. Given the religious connotation of my name, I guess it's rather ironic that I'm on an atheist forum... :)

    Do you have any idea why your parents named you Sassan?

  • Sharayu

    Oh- and I was born in the US, my parents moved to the US a few years before I was born and we've been here ever since. What about you?