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I'm a Saudi woman trying to get through my days in this shit-hole that I call home.
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I am in a completely Islamic country, hiding my true religious status(although my friends know I'm an atheist, no one else knows, including my parents).
I want to be part of a community that thinks like me and can accept me for being a free thinker.
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I left Islam because I have done my research and have come to realize that Islam is a HORRIBLE religion and that the man that made it is just as HORRIBLE if not more.
Humans made religion and god to scare and control the populace.
I will not be a part of that.
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  • Hope

    So glad to meet you,, Looking farword to chatting with you :)

  • Jerome

    thnxx for the add :D

  • Alejandro Ortega

    Hi Alana, I hope your trips are going cool :)