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I'm an atheist / agnostic (weighted agnostic) from the UK. #I have written a book called "Free Will? An investigation into whether we have free will, or whether I was always going to write this book" - please buy it!

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  • Les M

    Hi I have watched a number of your videos on youtube and they are interesting but from my experience when a devout Christian watches on of them which is not very likely to begin with the most likely thing they would do is discredit them for any number of frivolous reasons. for those that are skeptical they should be useful though, thanks for posting them.
  • Les M

    I can't help it but I'm destine to make this post it seem, at least that is my understanding of how things work. :) at the age of 57 I have accepted this position from the time I was a teenager. although it isn't a popularly accepted position it does have scientific evidence to back it up.
  • Les M

    happy to be your friend Johno