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My name is Johnny. I am 17 years old. Living in Romania with my theists parents. I love this website, it is a oasis of free thinking. I disagree with any form of bullshit ( religion, magic, ghosts, astrology, fortune, aliens/UFO's, metaphysical life )
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To satisfy my curiosity.
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Common sense. No proof whatsoever.
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  • Lord Mark Lunn

    Cheers man :)
  • Mallory

    Not that I'm stalking you, but I've come
    across several of your replies to various
    posts. You seem like a highly intelligent
    individual. Care to be friends? :D
  • Tina Simons

    Thank you, I am so glad I found this site!
  • Kevin Hooey

    Thanks...I'm glad to be here
  • David Meyer

    Thanks man, awesome picture. I'm guessing by your "need more minerals" quote, you play SC?
  • David Wood

  • Khrystyne

    Thanks! Happy to be here.
  • David "TheIrishFrog" Curry

    Thanks, Loop! ^_^
  • David "TheIrishFrog" Curry

    Thanks for being so hospitable! ^_^
  • Timothy Van Uytfang

    Thank you, friend. :)
  • Sabio Lantz

    Thanx Johnny
  • Tessa Colpaert

    Thanks a lot! :-)
  • Ashe

    Thank!  It's good to be here...
  • Zombie Atheist

    Thanks for the welcome!
  • jason eastman

    hey thanks
  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    Hi - Not sure if my last comment was posted. I have several books in Adobe pdf format if you want them. They are torrents so I don't really want to upload them to this site but will email them to you if you send a blank email to me at atheist.perry@gmail.com
    They include Harris, Dawkins and Sagan.
  • S.S.

    Thanks :)
  • Wallace Wells

    Thanks :)
  • Saint Atheist

    Thanks for the laugh
  • regular pencils

    Thank you! Glad to have found the TA community!
  • Angie Baugh Stewart

  • Dan Jensen

    Hey LJ; thanks for the warm welcome!
  • Angela Moore Long

  • Geoff Boulton

    Many thanks for the welcome and see you on the blogs

  • bertlpub

    Thanks for the nice welcome :)
  • Rishkers

    thanks ;p
  • Ava Wilson

    It's a little harder to accept when you have a kid with him-- or knew his stupid reasons for ending it. Namely that his family can't stand being around me because of my Atheism and Asperger's. Even though he's also an Atheist and shows signs of Asperger's, he hides it better and takes what his family says as straight truth.
  • Scott Jones

    Thank you for welcoming me (November 2010) to Think Atheist. It took me this long to figure out that I could get messages. A little slow on the uptake here.
  • Justine Robinson

    Looks like a great club, can't wait for it to become more popular!
  • Adrian Montoya

    Thank you Johnny.
  • Graham

    Thank you kindly, LJ...
  • David Kendrick

    Thanks Man. Let the Free Thinking Commence. :)
  • Sophia Rachel Bishop

  • Clara

    Thanks :) I was searching for atheist wallpapers and found this site, I joined so i could meet awesome people like you who are more open minded about issues, and judgements' haven't been clouded by religion. It isn't exactly something I get often :)
  • Martin Lewis O'Neill-March


    Thank you for the Welcome.