Robert Karp


Baltimore, MD

United States

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Anti-theist. Atheist. Humanist.
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Meet people. Help the movement! Get out the Atheist Voice.
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Never was into it really. Nothing made sense until I read Guru Hitchens.
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  • Dave Johnson

    Thanks for the welcome Robert. Nice to be surrounded by like minded people.

  • Stacey Rea

    Thanks, Robert!

  • John Parm

    Thank you, Kind sir!

  • dermot heaney

    Thanks Robert

  • Marc Vanhoutte

    Thank you Robert,

    nice to find atheïst people and a atheïst-site in the states. Is it true that it is sometimes dangerous to be an atheïst in the usa? I'm realy amazed about the huge amount of fanatic religeous people. Belgium(Europe) is a country with strong secularisation. But still a few people do believe in ghosts, tarot, astrologie and other esotheric stuff. Alsoo there's imigration of moslims.




  • Sebĉjo

    Many thanks ! 

  • Matt Kovach

    thanks Robert

  • Nelson Danery Varela Martinez

    Thank you Robert :D

  • Maria Allwine

    Thanks, Robert.  I'm looking forward to meeting you and everyone else as well.  See you soon.

  • graham worley

    Thank you Robert, I'm pretty new to all this so please bare with me as I have carers in from time-to-time to treat my MS. and that makes it difficult to 'chat' sometimes and also means I can be a bit slow!

  • Kate

    Thanks for the welcome!

  • Sheri Hall

    Thanks for the welcome :D Glad to be here.

  • Marissa Karp

    We're from Georgia! Thank you for the warm welcome and I'm glad to be here.

  • anonymous

    Thank you We will we have much to talk about.

  • Raymond Carroll

    Robert thank you for the welcome you left for me. I see I'm not the only newbie. I'll be checking this site out in the future. Thanks again,



  • Ahmed Khaled

    Hello Robert, thank you too much for your welcome. Ahmed


  • Ed Neubauer

    Thanks, Rob.  See you on Monday evening.  Ed

  • Marc Vanhoutte

    thank you Robert


  • Sheri Hall

    Thanks for the friend request!

  • graham worley

    Hi Robert, and a big 'HELLO' from England.

    Glad to join you mate.

  • Ed Neubauer

    Hi Robert:  Great meeting on Monday - what a fine group of people.  Wish we could get together more often.

  • Steven Austin Lovejoy

    Thank you 
  • Lee

    So before adding you...who are you? I'm always suspicious of posts that come out of nowhere...

  • Snow Zhang


  • Steve

    thanks robert. i've been networking with fellow rationalists lately and feeling welcomed on all fronts. the reason rally last week was definitely a high point

  • alfredo chavez

    Ok Robert, thank´s my english is too bad, so i´ll try.

  • Wiam H Wiwi

    thanks a lot :)

  • Lee

    Okay well then thanks for the welcome! It would be interesting to hear about your experiences as a moderator. Feel free to contact me if you have stories or advice for somebody new to the community.

  • Rma

    Thanks Robert. Will do!

  • Sean O'Brien

    Thank you for the greeting and I can't wait to get going on this site!

  • Anshul V

    Thanks! hope to get some discussions going soon!

  • Ivan Raszl

    Thanks for the welcome! :)

  • Richard E. Robertson

    Thanks for the personal welcome, Robert. I'm glad I found the site.I'm definitely doing a cash contribution once any of my clients bothers to pay me :p

  • Nessrriinn

    thank you so much !!. i'm definitely enjoying sifting through the blogs and videos..

  • Thomas Hahn

    Thanks a lot from me too!

  • Regina Maria Coutinho

    Thanks Robert.

  • Gary Gibbs

    Thanks for the welcome! looking forward to exploring all the resources here

  • Lisa

    hi thanks for the welcome.  iv'e been trying to chat and keep getting booted or frozen or locked out.  i was told to contact an administrator and i don't know who that would be.  can you help me?


    Thanks, Lisa

  • Ozcan Eren

    Hi Robert. Thank you very much for your warm welcoming.

  • raed ahmed

    thanks Robert  A lot 

  • D. Lee

    Thanks for the welcome. Already the members on this site have eased my mind that I wasn't some crazy bloke in a town that is very religious.

  • Sean Core

    Thanks for the welcome, it's good to be here.

  • G.B. Zidan

    Hey Robert! Thanks for the welcome comment! - Nice to meet you..

  • CptGuapo

    Thanks a lot for your kind welcome, Robert. I hope my stay here could be really edifying. Regards.

  • Matt Wright

    Thanks for the welcome, although my reply is a bit delayed. I look forward to checking out the resources here!
  • Sahoo

    Thanks my Friend 

  • Kenny McLaughlin Jr.

    Thanks for the friendly welcome, friend.

  • Michael Snyder

    Thanks for the heads-up about the Charm City meetup. I'm going to try to make it. I've been wanting to meet more "out" atheists in the area.

  • Chuck Simmons

    Thank you sir!!  (he said, about 6 months later...)

  • Richard Savery

    Thanks Robert. I've been enjoying the comments section today. They're the best.