Jacob LeMaster


Mount Sterling, KY

United States

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Well.. Right now I'm kind of out of the loop socially.. My grandmother just got a Liver transplant and i was busy taking care of her for a while as well as a shortage of funds due to pay cuts at work..

I'm into Photography Videography.. Light Video Editing and photo editing..

I will post more as I can think of things not really good at filling out about me sections..
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To have a decent social group to converse with..
I'm in the bible belt so good conversation is lacking in this area...
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I used to be a devout Christian about 8 years ago for only a year... A very convincing orator was able to get into my head and past my religious downplayed upbringing... I was then within a year pushed away from the church due to hypocrisy (and reading the bible) I decided to start thinking for myself again. shortly there after I realized that I was not alone... There were other people out there that found it just as irrational as me..
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  • William C. Walker

    Naah, Jacob, Religion isn't a medication - it's a narcotic. The deadliest AND the most expensive the world has ever known.