Barrett Fortner


Marion, AR

United States

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I was indoctrinated into the southern baptist church at birth. I spent the entirety of my life until age 19 serving the church through music, and evangelism. Finally found reason and became an apostate. Now I tend to use the evangelism techniques I was taught by the church against them. I enjoy the hell out of my life now that I am freed from the shackles of religion, and I hope to help others enjoy theirs. I'm pretty laid back and tend to not get bent out of shape easily. Feel free to debate me, sometimes I lose and sometimes I win but I take no greater pleasure than discussing ideas with fellow thinking human beings.
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I am looking to meet likeminded human beings, ideally in my area.
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I read the bible. Seriously. I tried to read it from beginning to end and by the time I finished exodus I had to call bullshit.
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