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I am an artist and poet. I volunteer a lot for hospice and am studying to be a social worker to deepen my work with the dying and their families. I perceive a deep interconnectedness with all that is without believing in a supernatural being. There is so much that is wonderful about nature and even more that we simply do not yet understand which may seem like something mysterious. I love to immerse myself in silence, in music, in poetry and art which is where I experience profound beauty which feeds my inner depths. I am a great lover of books particularly philosophical works and scientific theory.
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I presently live in a cultural wasteland in the deep South surrounded by Evangelical Christians who are not inclined to think or suffer those who do. I am seeking a place in which to breathe in the cool air of rationality with intelligent beings.
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It is easier to tell you why I left than why I allowed myself, raised without religion, to get tangled up in it. I was Wiccan for many years. I studied Buddhism. I was a Roman Catholic nun for 10 years but never believed in a deity. I longed for community and the aesthetic beauty of the monastic tradition. I thought that my personal philosophy about the nature of existence was broad enough not to be constricted by the narrow dogmas of the Catholic Church. What can I say... I was wrong. I prefer freedom of thought and movement to aesthetics. I continue to practice zazen but am not a theistic Buddhist.
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  • Gregor Basić

    Nice video, wished I could write poems like that :)
  • Moe Abou-Salem

    Interesting profile. I loved the music. Do you have any favourite bands?? I also like dark, gothic and ambient music!! I am currently interested in Icelandic music =)

    What about philosophical and scientific books?? I am currently finish one of my favourite books by Carl Sagan - Billions and Billions. 



  • Kevin Longmore

    A very interesting page - wish I was creative