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Twinsburg, OH

United States

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My name is Amber, I am currently 19 years old. I became an Atheist at age 11, never really saw the point of religion but I was "Christian" for awhile to satisfy my family, after a certain point, I couldn't really pretend to believe anymore, not after i was asked to go up and be "saved."

I am a musician, an artist, a writer and a fighter. My music is what keeps me going, it has brought me back to the world of the living, after many bouts of depression. I Play the drums and have since I was twelve. In high school I even managed to become section leader of the entire drum line.

Art is something that I've done ever since I could remember, albeit, I wasn't very good when I was younger, but at the this moment in time, I've been told I'm pretty got at it. I don't really care if I am. I draw, paint, and take pictures because it makes me happy, not because I'm extremely skilled at it.

Writing is one of my greater passions, like music it's helped me get through a lot in life. I write a lot of stories, and hopefully one day I'll be able to get something published. I am also pretty big on poetry.

As for me being a fighter, I fight for the things that I want. I don't give up till I reach my goals. Thats more for the none physical fighting though. I am also known to be pretty...intense. I stick up for my friends and my family. If someone is tearing down the people I love, I will rip them a new one. I'm lethal with my words, my tongue has a habit of being sharper than knives. I'm also not afraid of physical altercations if necessary.

Other random facts. I am a vegetarian have been since 2006. I'm extremely opinionated, way to honest for most people, and blunter than many people are willing to be. I'm also extremely friendly and non-judgmental. I will never judge someone before I get the chance to know them.

That's all I have to say at the moment, have any questions feel free to ask
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I could never quite grasp the concept of there being a god. It never really made sense to me. I discovered at a young age that there really couldn't be a god, that he's only there to instill fear into people, in order to get them to behave. I don't have to be afraid of some all knowing, magical, imaginary friend in the sky in order to have good morals.
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  • Ralph Day

    Hi Amber

    How come you quit JuJitsu? I'm still at it after almost 20 years, it's great fun!


    Where else can you get touchy feely with other gendered people and not get a smack?  Bear hugs, headlocks, groundwork.  Our club is strictly self defense oriented, not MMA or tournament aimed. 

    My daughter followed me in the club and at 28 she really outdoes me in performing techniques.



  • Ralph Day

    That makes me feel guilty.  Our club uses our local high school gym, our own mats, at no charge/rent.  We make classes available to school age children so the school board doesn't charge us rent.  We pass that on to the charge for classes, only $15 to join the club for life. 


    It took me many years of collecting $5 per month from each student to purchase 20 5x5foot mats suitable for classes (about $4K worth).  They are guarded in a locked box in the gym equipment room...the school has no access!  I should state that collections were done when enrollment was high, classes of 20+, now we usually have 4 or 5 in total (that's including my daughter and me as instructors...both 2nd dan holders).  What rank did you attain?