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Twinsburg, OH

United States

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My name is Amber, I am currently 19 years old. I became an Atheist at age 11, never really saw the point of religion but I was "Christian" for awhile to satisfy my family, after a certain point, I couldn't really pretend to believe anymore, not after i was asked to go up and be "saved."

I am a musician, an artist, a writer and a fighter. My music is what keeps me going, it has brought me back to the world of the living, after many bouts of depression. I Play the drums and have since I was twelve. In high school I even managed to become section leader of the entire drum line.

Art is something that I've done ever since I could remember, albeit, I wasn't very good when I was younger, but at the this moment in time, I've been told I'm pretty got at it. I don't really care if I am. I draw, paint, and take pictures because it makes me happy, not because I'm extremely skilled at it.

Writing is one of my greater passions, like music it's helped me get through a lot in life. I write a lot of stories, and hopefully one day I'll be able to get something published. I am also pretty big on poetry.

As for me being a fighter, I fight for the things that I want. I don't give up till I reach my goals. Thats more for the none physical fighting though. I am also known to be pretty...intense. I stick up for my friends and my family. If someone is tearing down the people I love, I will rip them a new one. I'm lethal with my words, my tongue has a habit of being sharper than knives. I'm also not afraid of physical altercations if necessary.

Other random facts. I am a vegetarian have been since 2006. I'm extremely opinionated, way to honest for most people, and blunter than many people are willing to be. I'm also extremely friendly and non-judgmental. I will never judge someone before I get the chance to know them.

That's all I have to say at the moment, have any questions feel free to ask
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I could never quite grasp the concept of there being a god. It never really made sense to me. I discovered at a young age that there really couldn't be a god, that he's only there to instill fear into people, in order to get them to behave. I don't have to be afraid of some all knowing, magical, imaginary friend in the sky in order to have good morals.
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  • Ralph Day

    Attaining your yellow belt is a big hurdle in martial arts.  It might not be very far up the ranking ladder, but it shows more commitment than someone who always has a white belt and ghi in their cupboard.  Lots of those around.


    Small class tonight...2 besides myself.  A large class is 4 or 5.



  • CJoe

    Happy Birthday, Amber! I hope you're enjoying the site. :)
  • Sarah Emmaly Burgett

    hey, i just now noticed your comment from April haha sorry. Yes,there is a London in Ohio.