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Recently agnostic (atheist for all intents and purposes) after 37 years as an Evangelical Lutheran. I love reading Hitchens, Harris, Russell, Dennett, C.S. Lewis, William Lane Craig, Krauss, Hawking, Sowell, Ayann Hirsi Ali, etc. Cant get enough religion, science, philosophy, economics. I am fascinated by all.
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Definitely looking to be somewhere with like-minded people. I do not even know a single non-believer. In the heart of Indiana everyone around me is a Christian. I'd love to have a place where I can vent about ridiculous news articles and facebook posts I read giving god credit all the good and none of the bad.
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I began to research my religion in an attempt to strengthened it. It was the lack of evidence for a my religion that caused me to leave it was the mountains of evidence against.
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