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Alexandria, VA

United States

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Father. Grandfather. Husband.
Atheist. Humanist. Unitarian Universalist.
Veteran. Southerner. Democrat.
Computer Uber-Geek. Author. Speaker.
SCUBA Divemaster (NAUI). Biker (Motorcycles).
Martial Artist (CKD - 1st deg. Black Belt)

Married since 1985 (yes, to the same woman), and we have five exceptional children, and two amazing grandkids.
I'm a professional computer geek, as well as an author. I've written two books, the last being "The Notes and Domino 6 Programming Bible" (Wiley, 2003). I'm also a speaker at conferences across the U.S. and Europe.
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I stumbled upon this site, and liked what I found. I also love to commiserate with fellow atheists, and participate in lively discussions.
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I could not succumb to "blind faith", or really any faith at all. I am a hyper-rational person, and I find it impossible - literally - to believe in any supernatural entity. I am a slave to the scientific method, and I must view the world through this lens.
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Google, baby!

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  • Eric Allen

    Is it ok if I say Hi?  "Hi".

  • Nina van der Roos

    what is the name of the eBook you are looking for ?

  • richard vitzthum

    Rocky: A while back you expressed puzzlement over my "Consolation Sixteen: Sports and Fitness," the sixteenth post in my blog, "Consolations of Atheism." The previous 15 posts are on my home site:
    Richard V.