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McAllen, Texas

United States

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I am a Secular Humanist. Currently studying finance at UT Edinburgh. I am a real estate investor, I buy houses in cash. I find the human mind very interesting, so I have learned NLP and hypnosis.

400 years ago my family was jewish and left Spain. This was during the time of the Spanish Inquisition. They went to New Spain (later known as Mexico), where they founded a city called Saltillo in which they could practice their religion without being persecuted.
250 years went by and one of my ancestors was eagerly looking for gold, so he left all the children in the care of his wife who was a catholic.
He found gold eventually, but the children grew as catholic. Since then all my family is catholic. This new generation, my cousins and me, are almost all atheists.
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I found this site on Stumble Upon and found many funny pictures and a nice community of like-minded people. I recommend everyone to read a book titled "A Secular Age" written by Charles Taylor.
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There are other religions. Each religion is a manifestation of the core values of a culture. What they consider true and false, good and evil.
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