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Just a bored, 21 yr old atheist. I'm not as volatile towards religion/theists as some atheists are, because quite frankly getting worked up on such things is headache inducing, pointless, and it will get you nowhere. I approach the subject matter similarly to the way I do politics and other heavy debate areas. Typically when going over arguments, the one that seems most calm, logical, and non-hostile, is the most pleasing and understandable to listen and perhaps even agree to. If it is a response that seems emotional, ardent, or not well thought out, I will hardly reply to it. It isn't worth the time and effort, so I guess you could say I'm partly a "choose your battles wisely" type of guy. I'm here to find like-minded individuals, have fun, and have intellectually-stimulating dialogue. If I find one or all of these then great job. If not, I'll simply leave for some place else. Simple as that. With that said, please do not ask me to join your group, because if I wanted to join it, I would've done so already unless I didn't know of it (I'm saying this due to the large amount of spam I got in my inbox.).

Being an atheist is just one of the many things I am. I don't look at the label as my biggest identifier. I just rather enjoy life and help others to the best of my ability. If you want to know my name, you'll just have to get to know me more. derp.
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