Mario Rodgers


San Antonio, TX

United States

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A former trucker who is seeking the meaning of existence in a godless world.
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Find other like-minded atheists.
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Christian, Catholic
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  • Reggie

    You are now a Featured member of Think Atheist. Thank you for your contributions to the community and representing the ideals of thoughtful atheism.
  • Bryan Schear

    Thanks for the comments, Mario!

    "Nothing quite like a child to rip apart ridiculous Bible stories."

    I laugh when he frustrates the Christians, especially the educated ones!
  • Jon Heim

    "Bless us oh soil and the nitrogen compounds therein for providing me and my family with the body nourishing products of planet earth and the protein of the animals that in turn eat them as well. And praise to the muscles of the hard-working farmer for harvesting them and bringing them to market. Ramen."

    I'm totally stealing this lol