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28 year old mature student, atheist, humanist and nature nerd!!
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To meet and chat with like minded people all over the world :)
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I was raised (kind of) as a Roman Catholic in Ireland. I was baptised as a baby and had a good ol' Catholic education, but never really believed any of it
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  • Dan

    Welcome to Think Atheist!

  • Tom Sarbeck

    I too was nerdy enough to like school, especially science. My two-years-younger brother came home one day wanting to quit school. It turned out that a nun had asked him why he wasn't doing as well as I. For that and a few more reasons, I years later told people the Church takes people (men and women because I'd had two years in a Jesuit high school) who need psychiatric help and gives them rooms full of children.

    I'm in a Toastmasters Club (think public speaking) and recently spoke of the six kinds of atheists. The members looked interested and one man told me it was the best speech he'd heard from me. They don't dislike me; they just elected me the club president.

    My best wishes to you.

  • Ed

    Welcome to our community Seraphina. We look forward to your interaction with the rest of us. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve though.