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Born and raised in Manhattan, New York City I balance my active life as a writer for the screen and print with acting and a love for ocean life. I'm a Master SCUBA Diver and ocean activist with over 250 dives logged. As a writer, my first film, Venice Love Story, was a feature at the prestigious New Filmmakers LA Screening Series. Venice Love Story continues to make the festival rounds notching up notable official selections to LA Comedy Shorts, and NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, and has picked up distribution with IndieFlix.

I make funny video sketches http://templehorses.com
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Because stars exploded.
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The election of Catholicism's current pope. A former Hitler Youth is not infallible. From there, I just followed the chain of BS.
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  • Reggie

    A fellow atheist owned by a Shiba! The first I have met!
  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    Thanks for stopping by, Pooh! that deserves a big hug!

    There you go.

  • Rebecca Roth

    Oh i wont get personal I promise. :)
  • Carl

    Red Ribbon
  • Chetan D

    We may have our differences on Islam, but boy are you a wonderful writer. It's a real joy to read some of your posts and your blog as well. Every time you reply, I end up laughing because it's quite difficult to come up with a good response.


    Keep em coming! And all the best wishes for all your endeavours!