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The writer we call delapruch has been writing since infancy. His first piece was scrawled on the inside of his mother’s womb. Long since published, the rights now reside in the hands of some faceless corporation vying for the ability to extinguish the earth as a whole & move to another planet. There, the market will owe its life to it exclusively and it can begin again amidst its own year zero in its own self-policed totalitarian domain. Meanwhile, delapruch has written plays, fiction, a screenplay, etc. and some of his work can be found merely by googling him.
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to be amidst those with minds.
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Was never a part of one
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  • Lily Marina de Snell

  • Christine M

    Good Morning,  Thanks for sending me the "friends" request. As you know I'm new to this group and really don't know much about it. I came to this group after going to a link on a gender web site. It's been interesting.

    Would you mind telling me a bit about yourself?

    Hope you have a great day.


  • Jeanne B.

    Thank you for your friend request.  Hope you're enjoying the weekend!