Denise M. Purtell


Ashland, VA

United States

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I am a mother, a wife, a student, a runner, a health and fitness enthusiast as well as an aspiring fitness model.
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I am here because I am tired of all the other places I go, every time I turn around, I am seeing some bullshit of why I should believe in god. Don't take the lord's name in vain or whatever. I mean really, people depend way too much on something they truly know NOTHING about.
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I left years ago, because something traumatic happened to me, something that should never happen at all, let alone a child and what kind of fucking god allows that type of shit to happen?
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I stumbled upon this site looking for a non religious-based site.

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  • Tom Sarbeck

    Denise, I stole the following words from your comment on my page: "...religion, or the lack there of, has nothing to do with some nutcase and killing children."

    You added the kind of emphasis I used to add when I was in the Navy, but more of it. So much more emphasis that, for me, it masked your intent.

    As I write these words, I am again enjoying my memory of resolving, when I left the Navy, to learn to again talk like a civilian. I took a while to do it.

    Some trauma resulted in my tossing my parents and their religion out of my life. When I send this, I'll go back to my page and see if I want to edit it.

    Be kind to y'self.