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"Knowing can be a curse on a person’s life. I’d traded in a pack of lies for a pack of truth, and I didn’t know which one was heavier. Which one took the most strength to carry around? It was a ridiculous question, though, because once you know the truth, you can’t ever go back and pick up your suitcase of lies. Heavier or not, the truth is yours now."
~Sue Monk Kidd
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I'm here to help people learn HOW to think... because I believe that rational thought, inevitably and eventually, leads to non religion and atheism. Even if it doesn't, I still think people's freedom and happiness depends on their ability to understand the world around them. Nothing would make me happier than to see people using their miraculous brain at its full capacity.

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Because it's absolutely ridiculous and self-contradicting, to put it mildly.
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Cara Coleen
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  • RD

    My old neighborhood. OK.
  • RD

    Capitol Hill.
  • Daniel de Culla

    Lovely in Atheism. You're Yes. I adore You and enjoy yr Space and Atheist Verb¡
    I really feel You. All religions are a farce and the worst Christian,
    An End to Romans, Hypocrites and Christians¡
  • Wesley

    Because you are incredibly smart, speak from the heart and do a great job here at Think Atheist.
  • Jim Stevenson

    What types of questions did you have in that Charismatic church they deemed you as a thinker at? Curious..
  • Jim Stevenson

    Don't hate me.
  • Gaytor

    Sermon on the Mound - Jesus was pitching his ideas.
  • Gaytor

    That's why the baseball analogy was funny in my head. Oh well. The moment is lost.
  • Gaytor

    I'm a San Diego fan, but most of So Cal isn't for me. Too much time sitting in cars for no reason. Megalopolis if you will. WA is too gray for my wife. I have a business that I can't walk away from, so my current hope is to develop a service that will free me from a location. I have a solid idea, so the question is, cheap dev with some friends, or expensive with angel money? When I can make it work N Carolina might be in the works. Wife is European, closer to home for her, still a coast with beaches.
  • Daniel de Culla

    Lovely Cara¡ You're Yes.
    The Plain Truth is that religion all religion are for criminals and slavers idiots. Victor Hugo said " Sillies will see God", and criminals will do us to receive communion with mill's wheels.
    I belive in You. Ibelieve in Wo/Man.
  • Sol Invictus

    Hey Cara! I'm new here and I'm trying to meet new likeminded people. Coming from a pretty conservative area, I really don't know any other atheists personally, so I'd appreciate your friendship! :) Thanks for the add.
  • deepthought42

    Oh, I've lived in Anne Arundel County my entire life, in Annapolis since I was 6. I don't get out much when I'm not working at the mall (trying to find a f/t job around here isn't easy). My friends and I like going downtown (it is a drinking town with sailing problem!) for food and drinks (Reynold's Tavern has yummy tea and pastries; Joss's on Main St. has good sushi/japanese cuisine). RennFest is coming up (in nearby Crownsville) in August, being a nerd I'll be spending a good bit of time there! You should check it out.

    I'm a bookworm so I spend some time reading, or hanging out with Torpedo, my family's shar-pei (he knows he's cute). I also sing in the AACC community concert choir.

    I love living here and I hope you and Morgan like it. There's plenty to do (depending on what you like to do), though you might have to do some looking (the bookstores have local interest sections). And of course we're within driving distance of Baltimore, D.C., the Eastern Shore, etc.
  • deepthought42

    Oh! Funny you should mention gelato. My roommate from undergrad (went to school in Lynchburg, VA) is originally from southern CA. She had apparently visited Annapolis in high school and one of the things she remembered was the gelato from Aromi D'Italia in downtown. I brought her up one Fall Break and we had to get some of course!
  • Robyn

    I am for to be sending you this charm for I love you....dah!
  • God is Pretend

    Well most of the connection with other atheists takes place online. There is a pretty active meetup group for Nashville Atheists and when I am able to be in town more often, it'll be nice to socialize more in person. Sadly, the current governor's race has quite a few popular crazies running that want to do nothing but legislate religion into our lives more and more. Needless to say, that scares the living shit out of me. :)
  • Erica Hoffmann

    Thank you so much. I am still trying to learn my way around this website. Yes, I do not have many friends that know I am an Atheist. Everyone around here assumes that you are a christina. Are you on facebook?
  • Daniel de Culla

    I follow yr Atheism. You're Yes. I enjoy you and Yrs.
    I studied for priest till understood that gods as thistles make to bray the asses, and there isn't religion in god.
  • Fadi Qassis

    i have no story, good morning
    wish you the best
  • Amy Fry

    I really appreciated "it (religion) is much more dangerous than any of its good deeds can excuse". Well put.
  • Jason

    I enjoyed the Think Atheist meet-up. Hope to do it again.
  • Kristen Powell

    Yep, it was me! I don't have the mohawk anymore, so I'm less recognizable. It was definitely a madhouse in there, so Matt and I gave up and went to the slightly-smaller madhouse of Chinatown. Hope you all had a good time, though, and I'd love to make the next meeting if it's anywhere near me.
  • Kristen Powell

    No, I'm in Savannah, but my sister lives in D.C. Just the fact that one was able to happen at all is good news, so they'll probably be little opportunities popping up for other members across the country--and the WORLD! :D
  • Chelsea

    Hi Cara! Thanks for your note! You all are doing an absolutely FABULOUS job on T|A and I'm so excited to see all the new and fun stuff when I check in. So nice to hear from you!
  • Robyn

    I miss Anam Cara
  • Robyn

    Hey...I just looked through all of your photos for the first time in a while....hilarious.
  • victor regalado

    I love your status... and your profile pic by the way.
  • greengeekgirl

    Thanks for the welcome!
  • Daniel Strozewski

    Thanks for the welcome and the offer to be a guide. I may take you up on that. I look forward to see what the site has to offer. I will keep you up to date on my progress. Thanks again.
  • Dan Jensen

    Whups, Cara! No hard feelings on my part! :-)
  • Kevin Harris

    Thanks! Understood. if you ever want to dialogue away from the heat of the forum, my email is



  • Julie Crum

    How scary! Their aren't many Crums out there. I think it's German descent.
  • Robyn

    Miss Chevelle ;) Megh
  • J G

    Thanks Cara, glad to be here :)

  • Robyn

    I think you're brilliant ;)
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    cara apparently parts 2 and 3 were not yet authorized or something

  • Hope

    Thanks Cara! I am honored to have you as a friend! and btw, thats a very beautiful song of John Mayer love it <3

  • Kimberly Busick

    Hi Cara...we should absolutely get together again...maybe this time for a better movie...and bigger, cheaper plates of food!! ;-)  Love the site...keep up the good work!

  • Rich

    I love that picture about Religion is like a penis. That is funny.

  • Dustin

    Hi Cara, what was that link again?  the 23rd I could be free depending on what time!  I give piano lessons in the evening, so it might not work ... unless it's like 7:30 pm or later?  

  • Dustin

    But, the link!  lol, I didn't copy / paste it before and can't find it now.  If it's 7 - 9 I can probably make it.  Is Morgan gonna be there?  I know Robert will

  • Dustin

    Thanks for the link, was amazed to see it so close to my address.  And my going rate is $45 / hour.  It's fairly average for the Baltimore area.  

    My website is at - The site is designed by myself and it sucks haha but you can get the idea if you are at all interested for yourself or someone else.  

  • Sheila Faulstich

    Thanks :) Cant wait to meet everyone too!

  • willard bakeman

    Thanks for the invite. You are very creative. Billy

  • James Guthrie

    Sorry I couldn't make it last monday. I am getting ready to move to the west coast, lots of things to take care of.

  • Michael Broumberg

    Thanks for thinking about me but I left Baltimore 5 years ago and now live in Landrum, SC a hotbed of southern baptist red necks.

  • Robyn

    I truly miss you...(sigh)

  • Ron V

    Thanks for your commentary - I enjoy reading your posts

  • DSH

    Yay, maybe I'll give it a try.  Just have to brainstorm on a topic.  I'd love to do music Atheism style, I'm just not comfortable with lyrics yet.  I do make video's with music - check out this one  - I did it for my friend who's on American Idol.  Now I just have to figure out a "voice" so to speak within the Atheist community.  Not so easy, there are plenty doing great stuff on youtube.  Help me brainstorm?

  • DSH

    Yeah, not so much musicians, but people who make video's.  Like DarkMatter2525 (Dark Antics) and others...  Maybe I'll make atheist music video's?  I'd love to take a shot at some of your poetry and add it to music.  Let me know!

  • Seán Ó Briain

    Besties! ;)