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"Knowing can be a curse on a person’s life. I’d traded in a pack of lies for a pack of truth, and I didn’t know which one was heavier. Which one took the most strength to carry around? It was a ridiculous question, though, because once you know the truth, you can’t ever go back and pick up your suitcase of lies. Heavier or not, the truth is yours now."
~Sue Monk Kidd
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I'm here to help people learn HOW to think... because I believe that rational thought, inevitably and eventually, leads to non religion and atheism. Even if it doesn't, I still think people's freedom and happiness depends on their ability to understand the world around them. Nothing would make me happier than to see people using their miraculous brain at its full capacity.

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Because it's absolutely ridiculous and self-contradicting, to put it mildly.
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Cara Coleen
cara83 and tyrant saint

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  • Chelsea

    Hi Cara! Nice to meet you!! Thanks for the add.
  • Christopher Buscaglia

    Hello Cara, thank you for adding me. : )
  • Gaytor

    Cara... How dare you suggest that I don't care about getting into my Itunes account. I'm so disappointed in you. :-)
  • jc morrison

    cara, great pictures. if you ever feel the need to email them to someone, i'm here for you. the background on your page makes it impossible to read what i am sure are lovely writings though.
  • Morgan Matthew

  • Robyn me for 2 make page nice da!
  • Jason

    love the laurence j peters quote. good choice.
  • Kevin McShane

    Thnx for the add. :)
  • Megan Latta

    I am a graphic artist :) and I love it. I just responded to your Art? Blog so I asked you what you do there, but I'll ask again :) what kind of art do you create?
  • Megan Latta

    I do, its and I have another one They have a bunch of stuff we've done on it - mostly for companies. We need to update them with some more recent stuff and I should post some personal art on here too. Good idea.
  • Eddie Miles III

    Thanks for the add. It definitely seems as though your philosophy on reason and critical thinking is similar to mine. The main theme of my book is that when people devote themselves to self education and begin to learn more about themselves and their surroundings, they will naturally be less likely to fall victim to manipulation (from government, church, marketing, etc.) and therefore more likely to make the correct decisions, leaving them happier, freer, and more satisfied with life. Anyway, keep up the good work.

    -Eddie Miles
  • Gaytor

    Hey, just noticed TyrantSaint. I hope that it goes well for you and if I can help in any way I'd be happy to.
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Thanks for the comments on my story... I made it at the beginning when I was first becoming disillusioned with the church. It was before I became atheist, though, I just thought I had wrong church... he...he... guess not. Well I'm an atheist now.
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Thanks for the support. Also... I just switched to biology major... so it's too soon to tell how I'll feel about it in college. However, I was fascinated with it in high school... and ran into a die-hard creationist who told me I was going to hell for believing Darwin... which only made me more determined to pursue Biology. LOL!!! Stupid Fundie.
  • Erica

    Ummm, I live in Missouri so probably not. We can be friends now though.
    Hi, I'm Erica. Nice to meet you!
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Thanks for the personal message! It's nice to have support in words rather than just one-way conversations with my therapist. (Who makes me do most of the talking). But anyway... I sent you my email address... send me an email! ^_^ But don't freak if I don't answer immediately... sometimes I don't check my email for a couple days. So... how are you? BTW... I think you're right... your younger bro is a LOT like mine! My bro is the middle child and basically "obsessed" with his "faith." I put up with it... as long as he doesn't make remarks like he did in my "rant" I posted Saturday. Your profile says you live in Florida... I live up North in Ohio. How's Florida? I only went there once on a marching band trip at the end of December for the "Outback Bowl" in Tampa. It was refreshing (and a little strange) for me to see ppl walking around in tanks in the middle of winter. (Ironically... just before we left... back home we had a HUGE snow storm that year. My best friend and I built an "igloo" in my backyard... or we tried to. (We never got the top part right. :P) So... what's it like LIVING in Florida?
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Hmmm... well... I guess that just because a place is a good "tourist" place doesn't mean that it's the best place to live. Cincinnati (Where I live) is beutiful in a different way than "MTV SPRING BREAK." If you get my meaning. lol. It's very "green" up here. Cincinnati is full of wooded areas with great nature trails for hiking (outside downtown of course) and interesting wildlife. Also... we do OCCASIONALLY get some tourists up here... but mostly for the "man-made attractions" not the landscape. (We've got King's Island - a big tourist draw, a good aquarium, a zoo and botanical gardens, "The Beach" Water Park, and "Riverboat Tours" on the Ohio River. (Among other things to do around town... of course.) Cincinnati is a relatively "big" city... but nothing even close to New York or Chicago or Miami... etc. I once thought I wanted to leave Cinci... now I'm not so sure... it's just a pretty place and a nice place to live (as long as you don't live in "Over the Rhine.") - Over the Rhine is the "poor" district of Cinci where the buildings are run-down, gangs rule the streets, and someone gets shot like, once a week. But on the East side... if you're a naturey person, you would LOVE it!! My school district was called "Forest Hills" because the area where I live is basically smack-dab in the middle of the woods. You don't notice it in the commercial district of the suburbs, but as you go into more isolated territory... it's like riding into an enchanted forest! ;) The weather in Cinci is weird, though. hmm,... Ppl who are native here know to expect just about ANYTHING at almost anytime! (Although it's an anonamally) it CAN snow here as early as Halloween or as late as mid-April. Also... we've had temps in the 60s in December, on rare occasions. And sometimes it rains for days on end! (Like it is now... I'm getting tired of rain...) But most of the time the weather follows a "basic pattern." Winter "usually" lasts from about late November to early March and summer begins in mid-May and ends in early-September. The average winter temp is about 20 or 30 degrees (depending on the month) and the average summer temp is around 80 to 90 degrees. Sometimes the winter chill goes, like 10 degrees below zero. At other times (most often in July or August) the temp can get up to 100 degrees. So yeah... weird weather here. O.o
    Anyhow... I'll post some pics from the internet and my phone of Cinci on my page... if you want to see. ^_^
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    One other good thing about living in Ohio... since we don't live by a coast... we don't really experience hurricanes. (Only real weather dangers hear are floods, tornados, and bad thunderstorms) (But Cinci is hilly and tornados seem to have issues touching down around the Cinci area.)
  • Joann Brady

    I would love a think athiest do I PM? I am new at all this
  • Greg Lammers

    Thanks for accepting the friend request!
  • Neo Brave

    Hey Cara!

    I started to read your "Why are you here?" and realized that you are here for everyone else, and I felt a bit selfish. My reason is more of a journey for me and be a part of the community, but you opened my eyes and I got immense respect for you as a person, your position and ambition. Thank you!

    I am looking forward to browse through all your stuff here, I have already started looking at some of your photos; yes, I was curious, and I can just say that I wasn't disappointed (oh god) ;)

    Take care and Love!
  • Robyn

    Missing my best friend!!!
  • Jake Fanning

    Props for bringing the Ayn Rand videos, I love her!
  • Doug Reardon

    So, I should totally submerse my beliefs to accommodate theirs?
  • Doug Reardon

    Ayn Rand?
  • Reggie

    I'm totally digging your music playlist right now.
  • NameInVain

    That's really quite interesting - I never would have assumed that religion defines social groups across the pond. Well you learn something new.....
    Oh and thanks for reading my inane ramble - more commonly known as a blog post....
  • Morgan Matthew

    You are the 1st to get a gift :P Hope you like it em!
  • Morgan Matthew

    Bought you some new shoes :D
  • Morgan Matthew

    testing out a custom featured member gift :D
  • Morgan Matthew

    Custom Darwin Gift i made :D
  • Camilo

    thanks for the add!!!!
  • Jalene Reed

    Thank you for the welcoming! I do feel very lucky to be hear in the NW. I believe overall atheism is tolerated here more than some regions, but from a generational standpoint it's still difficult for the older people to deal with it. It is a subject that seems to invite much discussion - people can't seem to keep their noses out of talk about (no) god.
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Hey CaraColeen! How ya' doing?
  • shawn brian judd

  • ProfMTH

    Thanks for the very nice comment. :-)
  • Frink

    Ahaha, I just watched that Ayn Rand interview on your profile. (She made me cringe, per usual.)
  • Roy The Infidel

    Kilroy was here. :)

    err... Who is John Galt?
  • Atheist Exile

    Hi CaraColeen,

    Thanks for joining the Rational Integrity group. I look forward to your contributions.
  • luvtheheaven

    Nice music on your page! :D Thanks so much for adding me as a friend too. ;) By the way have you heard the Reasonable Doubts podcast? I'm SO addicted to it right now. Can't stop listening to episodes of it.
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Hi Cara! Thanks for dropping by! I missed you! ^_^
  • AdB

    Hi, thanks for adding me, Cara :D
    and I'm glad you enjoy the pics!

    Take care,
  • Graham E. Lau

    Hello, CaraColeen! Someone recently pointed out to me how silly the whole, "thanks for the add" thing is, so here's a little bit 'bout me:

    I'm 26, I'm attending the University of Colorado in Boulder for astrophysics, I love science fiction movies, my girlfriend and I have a dog and a ferret, and I love Nutella!

    I hope you're able to maintain the peace with your family. It must be difficult when they're not willing to try to understand you or respect your views. I've been through some of that with my family as well.

    Have a great week!
  • Graham E. Lau

    Ha ha, nice. Ya, that totally gets cool points.

    We used to live in York, PA; just a short drive north of Baltimore. I love Annapolis. It's one of the nicer cities in Maryland. When I was a kid, my buddy and I used to drive down to Ocean City or just north in Dewey Beach, Delaware, to get in late night and early morning surfing sessions. There's no surfing in Colorado :( And no SCUBA diving either :( But it's still awesome here! The Rockies make the Appalachians look like mosquito bites in the Earth.

    Are you guys into road biking or mountain biking (or both)?
  • Carolanne

    Thank you. Your entire profile is gorgeous!
  • Gwendolyn Viviani

    Do men tend to be atheists more than women?
  • Reggie

    Jane????? You'll always be Cara to me!
  • QM

    thanks for the welcome note :-)
  • RD

    My old neighborhood. OK.
  • RD

    Capitol Hill.