Cody Robinson

32, Male

Denver, CO

United States

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I have a degree in acting and have been in a few plays in the Denver area since graduating. Lately, I have been wanting to go back to school to study ethology or evolutionary biology. I currently work for a local library district and really enjoy it. It has allowed me to really understand what I want to do with my life.
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I'm here to meet fellow non believers in the area as I have noticed that there seem to be more of us than I anticipated. I am also here to just be as open as possible as to who I am.
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I was born and raised in a Christian family and was a true believer for awhile. I was lucky enough to grow up with my mother who never thought less of me for any reason. Once my father left, I was really able to try new things. Then, in high school, I had a history teacher who simply taught me to be open-minded. Around this time was when I started questioning everything. It started with my political beliefs and eventually led to my questioning religion. It didn't take long before I knew I was a full out atheist. However, it has only been recently that I have been fully open with it. I have yet to actually say the word to anyone other than my close family and friends. But, it had inadvertently come up and work and I have seen people lose respect for me literally in the blink of an eye. It hurts but I move on and just realize that I am living for the now and I just like being happy.
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