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I want humanity to make future decisions based on reason rather than fantasies.
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I learned about science and found that it explained reality far better that religion does.

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  • Reggie

    Thanks for the add, Bill!
  • Reggie

    Indeed! Due on the 31st, so, any day now, really. Waiting impatiently....
  • Just Spence

    It's good to hear from you again Bill. Yup, I'm the same person you remember from Sam Harris's board. I haven't been there in forever -- kinda got tired of debating people who would neither use nor listen to logic. It's just tiresome to engage in a debate using logic vs. a person whose arguments attempt to sound logical, but which in reality are based on something else entirely. That and I did another tour in Iraq. (Or maybe two more tours-- I can't remember specifically when I was on Harris's board -- '07? ' 08?)

    In any event, thanks for your note. As should be apparent, I'm new to this forum. But hopefully it will prove to be a more enriching experience than some of my past fruitless debates.

    Keep in touch and write whenever you care to.

  • Jason

  • Adam Lawson

    Hey man, thank you, great to finally find others like me.